Ruins of the Synagogue of El Transito (Sinagoga del Transito), a historic building in Toledo, Spain - by LouieLea, ShutterstockA Jewel in the Crown, a Spain Seminar

Dates: May 2-12, 2022
Prices: Double Occupancy is $5,400 and Single Occupancy is $6,615

Iberia served as the setting for one of the most remarkable chapters in Jewish history: that of Sefarad, embracing tragedy and great creative powers alike. The great poets, thinkers and statesmen of Sefarad help raise critical questions for us: When do Jews flourish? What ties do we have as a minority with the surrounding cultures? Join us for a deep exploration into major Judeo-Spanish communities including Toledo, Cordoba, Seville, Granada, Barcelona and more.
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