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Explore Israel's landscapes and sites, using text for context.
Explore Israeli society...
gaining insights on site!

Wrestling with the Angels

The natural choice for your first seminar with Melton - even if you have visited Israel previously - providing new depth and understanding. The seminar takes participants along a 3,800-year timeline of the land and its narratives, from the world of Abraham to contemporary Israeli society. A variety of texts serves to bring the sites alive and provide an opportunity to explore pivotal moments in the history of the Jews in the land of Israel.

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Old-New Land: Herzl's Dream Revisited

Scratch below the surface, to uncover the age-old challenges that have to be addressed by a modern Jewish state. Subjects examined include social, religious, ethnic and legal issues, all within the context of ancient and modern texts. The seminar is designed to neatly supplement our "Wrestling With the Angels" seminar, but also stands alone for those keen on encountering contemporary Israel.

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Biblical In-Sites

You think you know the story... until you study it at the very places mentioned, and the scene and scenery make you reread it and bring it alive! We encounter patriarchs and matriarchs, kings, prophets, soldiers and judges - and the land itself! – as we study Tanakh on site, discussing the text and its implications, with insights gained from being in the locations described in the Biblical text. This seminar visits sites not encountered in previous seminars, to further weave a rich tapestry in exploring the land and its narratives.

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Echoes and Dreams

Israel: Echoes and Dreams come to answer the needs of the lover of quality educational touring whose available time for travel is restricted. The program visits most of the sites and subjects already covered in our "Israel: Wresting with the Angels" seminar, so that the primary purposes of that seminar are also achieved - in a more intensive travel experience.
For further details, please contact Haim Aronovitz at haronovitz@meltonschool.org

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Within Borders

Melton's popular and acclaimed Scholars Curriculum, Beyond Borders: The History of the Arab Israeli Conflict, forms the basis for our latest Israel Seminar: Within Borders, taking us to sites and areas pivotal to our understanding of the emergence and development of the conflict. Texts all take on new meaning from the insights gained through on-site encounters. Over the course of 10 days we go "From Dan unto Beer Sheva" - and many places in between - exploring the background to the establishment of the State of Israel and the challenges faced with her neighbors.

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